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  • Pooja

    Pooja is a 4-year-old underprivileged girl child abandoned by her mother. She is jovial and unstoppable. She is very smart for her age and is quite mischievous. She is surprisingly abreast of technology and loves listening to music on YouTube. She also loves singing and dancing. She enjoys drawing. Like most children her age, she can be pretty restless, but she is approachable and exuberant.

    Starting bid: $150.00
  • Saurav

    Saurav is a 12 year old underprivileged completely visually challenged boy. His parents are from Bihar and settled down near Kolkata as migrants. Sourav is a good singer and also recites poetry during events. He is an adorable character and quite sincere in his studies. His aim in life is to be a businessman so that he can support his family.

    Starting bid: $150.00
  • Bitasta

    Bitasta is a Multiple Challenged Orphan Girl about 16 years old. She was abandoned in a garbage dump by her parents just after her birth and three dogs guarded her during the night. She was rescued by the Police and handed over to Voice of World. She is Blind, Intellectually Challenged and Speech & Hearing Impaired.

    Starting bid: $200.00
  • Rajiv

    Rajiv is a 12-year-old underprivileged multiple challenged boy coming from remote parts of Bankura District. He has a speech problems apart from his orthopedic challenge. He is a bit introvert but a sincere boy. His ambition is to help his father in his agriculture profession when he grows up.

    Starting bid: $150.00
  • Bulti

    Chhanda Singh Sardar alias Bulti is an 8 year old underprivileged completely visually challenged girl child who is very shy. However, she is very intelligent and picks up studies quite fast. On a lot of inquiry she came up with an ambition of becoming a School Teacher when she grows up.

    Starting bid: $400.00
  • Aniruddha

    Aniruddha is a 6 year old underprivileged completely visually challenged boy. He is very intelligent and cute. He loves to eat chicken recipes. His ambition is to become a Pilot.

    Starting bid: $350.00
  • Rani

    Rani is a 12 year old orphan multiple challenged girl child. She was abandoned by her parents about eight years back and was rehabilitated in VOW. When she came to VOW she was a lump f flesh and hardly moved. With stringent physiotheraphy & special education intervention she now is able to walk with support, communicate by speaking. She is a success story of ‘Voice of world’ and she is loved by all here.

    Starting bid: $450.00
  • Bilwa

    Bilwa is a 24 year old underprivileged completely visually challenged boy. Bilwa is a gifted musician and vocalist. He is extremely talented in musical terms. He sings very well, can play a lot of string & percussion instruments with disdainful ease. He does ventriloquism and is a very intelligent boy. He is doing his graduation in Humanities and dreams of becoming a Lawyer by profession.

    Starting bid: $700.00
  • Papai

    Papai is a 14-year-old Multiple challenged underprivileged boy. His Intellectual challenge is of severe order along with complete blindness. He always hums songs and comes up with Bollywood songs whenever requested. At times due to mood swings, he gets quite aggressive and does remain under daily medication. In spite of his challenges, he always lends his hand to the daily chores.

    Starting bid: $150.00